Therapeutic Massages

Massage is the kneading of various layers of muscle and connective tissue using a wide array of techniques. The goals are to improve overall muscle and joint function, promote healing, lessen muscle reflex activity, and allow one’s body and mind to enter a state of relaxation.

At our office, we believe massage therapy, in conjunction with chiropractic treatment, is very important. Dr. Bradford Emery’s “3 Legged Stool” approach to complete wellness involves chiropractic therapy, massage, and exercise. Thus, we believe you need all three elements to have a successful recovery.

Similar to chiropractic care, massage therapy is a hands-on, drug-free technique that provides long-term benefits and relief. We believe the combination of the two allows for the following: quicker recovery, easier adjustments, increased range of motion, and improved circulation.

In conjunction to chiropractic treatment, will provide gentle hand massage in painful areas of the body. Also, we provide patients the option to have a soothing aqua massage (read below for more information).

We Offer 2 Types of Massage Services

Physical Rehab Center

Hand Massage

Complimentary gentle massage by hand in painful areas of your body as you receive chiropractic treatment from one of our two certified chiropractors on staff.

Physical Rehab Center

Aqua Massage

  • Drywater Massage
  • 5 Minutes = $5.00
  • 15-20 minute aqua massage = 45-60 minutes with the massage therapist
  • Warm Water (85-105 degrees F)
  • Relax and listen to music
  • Machine is used by pro athletes (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB)